What happened to Menusuite in the Webclient for MSDYN365BC?

Are you facing issue to view a Page or a Report on WebClient in the search while working on Business Central Spring release and higher version?

AL provides navigational support for pages and reports in the client. You enable a page or report to be discoverable through Tell me in Dynamics 365 Business Central by using the UsageCategory property. 

To understand the UsageCategory, let’s understand the behavior in Dynamics NAV and Business Central.

NAV #msdynnav

Microsoft Dynamics NAV (#msdynnav) was having MenuSuites contain menus that enable users to navigate and perform actions in the Windows client. MenuSuites display menus on the Departments page in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client which is shown in below screen shot.

How to: Modify a Department Menu in a MenuSuite

Business Central #msdyn365bc

In Business Central, instead using the MenuSuite, pages and reports are made searchable by setting properties on the page and report objects themselves, specifically the UsageCategory Property.

When you create a Page or a Report, you add the UsageCategory Property. If the UsageCategory is set to None, or if you do not specify UsageCategory, the page or report will not show up when you search in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

How to define UsageCategory?

We can define UsageCategory for Report and Page in AL for MSDYN365BC as shown in below screen shot.

UsageCategory for Report in AL
UsageCategory for Page in AL

We can define UsageCategory for Report and Page in C/AL for MSDYN365BC in two steps.

Add UsageCategoryProperty on Page and Report

UsageCategory for Page in C/AL
UsageCategory for Report in C/AL

Build Search Index to view it on webclient.

Go to development enviroment open the object designer Tools>Build Object Search Index.

Once you have defined this property you can view your pages or reports in Webclient for Msdyn365BC.

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Download Link for different version of NAV and Business Central.

Stay Tuned for more and please add comments if any questions/suggestions.

Happy Reading.

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