Creating a Word Layout Report in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central MSDYN365BC



In todays blog we will be discussing about Creating Word Layout in Business Central MSDYN365BC

If you want to Create RDLC Layout then ref to my previous blog

Creating an RDL Layout Report in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (MSDYN365BC).

So lets begin with Creating a AL File For the Word Layout


As shown below New report is being create with DefaultLayout As WORD for Item Table

I have added few fields for demo purpose, you can add fields according to your need.

After creating the AL File, build the extension (Ctrl+Shift+B) to generate the MyWordReport.docx file.

Create PAGE Extension in MSDYN365BC

I have creeated page extension of Item List page and added the report to Run on Open Page event, so when you go on Item List this report will run.

You can specify you report to run on Action as well.

Open the Word report layout document in Word.

Once the MyWordReport.docx file has been open in Word layout enable the Developer TAB

If you do not see the Developer tab, go to Options, then Customize Ribbon, and in the Main tabs section, select the Developer check box as shown below.

On the Developer tab, choose XML Mapping Pane, in the Custom XML Part dropdown list, choose the custom XML part for ADD INCLUDE report, . The name of the custom XML part has the following format


Add data field in Word Layout in MSDYN365BC

  1. Add Table with 4 column and 2 rows
  2. Right-click on the Item table, and in Insert Content Control, select Repeating to add the repeater data item in the 2nd row
  3. Right-click on the field and in Insert Content Control, select Plain Text to add the column as a text box.

Save the report layout when you are done and then close it.

Back in Visual Studio Code, press Ctrl+F5 to compile and run the report.

Now open the Client and run Item List, and Report will be Run while opening the List and You can preview it as shown below.

To get new updates and learn about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Microsoft Learn and Self Learning

Download Link for different version of NAV and Business Central

Happy Reading.

3 thoughts on “Creating a Word Layout Report in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central MSDYN365BC

  1. Hello,
    I want to include a field in the design that is a hyperlink, but I can’t get it, the tag already has the value with the URL, but in the report you can’t navigate to that URL
    How can i do it?
    Thank you for all.


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