How to enable Code Actions for AL Language in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Wave 2 Release (MSDYN365BC)

Hi All,

I came across Amazing Feature “Code Action” in VScode, so i thought of sharing some insights with you all.

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What is Code Action?

Code Action in AL Language help fix the code issue by providing possible Corrective actions.A light bulb will appear next to the error or warning.

Code Action provides possible corrective actions which will help the developer to code in better way.

How to Enable Code Action in VSCode?

Open the Settings Page in VSCode, and choose either User Settings or Workspace Settings depending on which scope you want the code actions to apply to.

Navigate to Files > Preferences > Search for Code Actions.

Click on the Enable Code Actions checkbox. You have now enabled code actions on your project.

Enable Code Analysis in MSDYN365BC

How does Code Action works in VSCode?

After enabling the Code Action, While developing any AL extension you will be getting the Light Buib Symbol on Right hand side while you are typing. Which is shown in the below mentioned Screen shot.

Code Action in MSDYN365BC

This will be benifitial for future development in AL.You can also refer ”How to set Code Analysis Tools”

Stay tuned for my Next blog on How to Manage Notifications in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Wave 2 Release (MSDYN365BC).

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